Trends in wedding decorations flower fabric

Wedding Day draws near, there are many costs that the bride and groom need to worry but the current sentiment that everyone wants for their Wedding becomes impressive in the eyes of everyone. Through this article, TTCH will introduce you to these trends with flowers Wedding decoration fabrics, just to save cost but very beautifully designed and no less luxurious than fresh flowers.


Wedding Trends decorated with fabric flowers:

Currently, demand for the Wedding decorated with luxurious space and beautiful style to bloom and get a lot of support, concern of the couple.

Wedding Trends decorated with flowers made by cloth decorated unit in Hanoi.

The use flowers to decorate fabric was very popular Wedding in Hanoi in early 2013 to the present, with costs ranging around 90 million for a grand wedding reception. Flower fabric used here are imported from abroad, high-quality materials to make sure will bring elegance to your Wedding, but not too expensive. With the same level of cost on if decorated with fresh flowers you will not be able to ensure a degree of luxury and splendor for your Wedding, however, it is possible to make if you use fabric flowers .

Even with these advantages in terms of both “physically and quality” as such but most bride and groom Married market in the city is not known of the advantages of it. The first highlights the fabric flowers bring your Wedding colors are always kept fresh and not wilted or discolored during the party, such as fresh flowers. Moreover, there will be a lot of fabric flower colors to choose from, the bride and groom can choose all your favorite types of flowers at times throughout the year.

To make a fresh flower Gate inadequate you have to spend about 8-15 million, but the coverage of flowers certainly not with fabric flowers. That’s not to mention size will be much smaller flowers than flowers fabric so will not cause a strong impression on the guests, the flowers are fresh to keep the original as well will make you encounter a lot of difficulties .

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