The decoration is gorgeous wedding party with silk


Soft silk, can turn the old banquet hall space into luxury wedding, romantic.

If lovebirds are looking for an effective way to transform the space where the wedding is silk are materials of choice. Soft silk, potentially cover and will give more splendid wedding.

The wedding decoration ideas common use is to create a silk tent, as backdrop, as gently drooping overhead screen … or the bride and groom can create more innovative ways. will suggest to couples about to marry the space gorgeous wedding use silk.

1. Space Banquet

Where a feast is the most important position in the wedding. But not always beautiful banquet hall just for the bride and groom. If using floral beauty, you will be very costly to cover every place, but with silk, the decorations can be simpler. The bride and groom should choose soft colors of silk, neutral. Light colors white, or ivory are the most popular because it is easy to combine color gamut, brightness gives the impression of space.

2. Place of the ceremony

In the West, where the wedding celebration and a feast took place in two different places, but in Vietnam, the two regions are often lumped together in a banquet hall. But where do the wedding should be more special decoration. The bride and groom can use silk flowers combined together to make soft splendid backdrop.

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