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Wedding photography is about time that almost everyone has experienced in his life, wedding photos not only save the happy moments of the couple but also the amount of time many unforgettable memories in life .

Each person usually has only one time, so how to get the most beautiful moments of your wedding photos, let’s listen to the advice from the famous photographer on wedding photography offline!


According to Tang Tang photographer sharing his experience yet

I always recommend that people choose their photo because I believe people will take a holistic view, more objective. And importantly, I want to bring to the couple husband and wife about to the pleasant surprise of seeing a perfect wedding, there are moments and angles they could never think of.


Not always the bride and groom also need to close soiree tuxedo. You can choose other favorite costumes and comfortable as is. In particular, the bride, just add a veil on the head is enough.

Makeup, hair,

Be simple as possible and do not need to follow any trend. The most beautiful is the most natural. But you need to tidy hair.


Do not pick at noon to take because this time the blazing sun, the light is not nice and the crew shooting you will be very tired. Select at dawn or dusk – the time has soft light and also very beautiful scenery.

Edit photo

You should minimize this. Let the wedding photos are natural and intervene only needed a few points. Do not photoshop smooth skin or distort the …

making albums

The current technology can help you keep image files in your computer lifetime, USB, CD … Thus, there are people who do not need to do the album that still maintains an arsenal of images. In the case wanted to make an album, you can choose a lot of models and forms, depending on preference and pocketbook. Whether how you should also choose the simple, natural.

The photos are not just natural, but also makes you feel that you have shown my best, overwhelming happiness. The image viewer will feel all your happiness. Therefore, should choose the photos so beautiful than “perfect” as you like.

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