Services take wedding album

With married couples want to keep Upcoming moments filled with happiness and his sweet, then choose Capture a beautiful wedding album is a great way to keep love their moments.

Program celebrate the wedding season :

SaiGonWedding should be sent to the customer Service Price List

And many special incentive programs refer to the following:

    1. Customers will be advised and even try a free wedding dress at studio

    2. Customers can pre-order service, the sole owner preferred rates of up to 12 months

    3. Support services and warranty up to 5 years

    4. Commit to only charge the customer satisfaction service

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Collection of the most beautiful wedding photo album with many couples style.


Let us fulfill everything for your wedding, from the idea, choose the style to the stage decorations and wedding


SaigonWedding provide information and general knowledge in the field Married to help the bride and groom get prepared for your wedding day

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